About TOGAF Examinations

TOGAF is one of the must have certification for Technical/Solution/Eenterprise Architect. It gives architect a chance to formally get inside of all artefacts that architect must implement or at least aware of them.

In this I would not take a conventional view of TOGAF - how to practice ,how to prepare for it, but I will share my personal experience - how I started and what needs to be done, how to release pressure.

TOGAF is easy to attain & easy to maintain, difficult to prepare and easy to clear, it consumes lot of time while preparing but saves exponential time when you apply its fundamental to your project.

You may consider - I am a great architect & have many project implementation under my belt so why should I even try for TOGAF. You may be right in your thought but TOGAF is a kind of ethical hacker. It can hep you add values to thier archtecture but letting you know of world’s best processes in place.

TOGAF is Agile in nature & thus iterative

TOGAF talks about each and every process starting from Project initiation to project governance and organisations that uses TOGAF as a strategy are now out of their sick practices and architecture which actually turning out to be better in their increased return on Investments.

Don't forget it places your resume head of all other Architects who does not posses TOGAF certification.