Call Control eXtensible Markup Language.Provides Telephony Call Control support for dialog systems like VXML.

What is CCXML ?

CCXML application is a collection of CCXML documents. Single instance is considered a CCXML session that can cover multiple phone calls CCXML interpreter support is vendor specific. The CCXML specification was developed to add the call control features that VoiceXML lacks and to standardize this functionality.

#The following list represents the features that CCXML provides (VoiceXML lacks): Routing: Routes calls to the next available line in a group; or find me/follow me capability to track a person down at multiple possible locations. Bridging: Connects a call between two call legs. Outbound Calling: Initiates a call and starts one or more VoiceXML dialogs once a connection is established. Selective Call Answering: Decides whether or not to answer a call based upon caller information. Conferencing: Allows multiple participants to join a phone conference. Coaching: Allows a third party to connect to a call, but only have one of the participants hear what is said. Dialog Execution: New instances of VoiceXML interpreters can be created and destroyed at will.

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