Symmetric - Asymmetric Keys

Secrecy at its BEST !

Symmetric Keys

An algorithm that uses same key to encrypt & decrypt e.g. Caesar Cipher# Faster as uses the same key# Insecure than Asymmetric # Examples : RC4, FISH, Py, QUAD, SNOW etc. and block ciphers like AES, Blowfish, DES, Serpent, Camellia# Shared Key/Shared Secret Encryption

Asymmetric Keys

An algorithm that uses different keys to encrypt & decrypt.# Known as public key cryptography# One key is publicly available, and the other key is private and is known only to you# Sender encrypts the message using the public key and make transform the plain text to cipher text, and this can only be decrypted using the corresponding private key which enables anyone to send you a message without ever having to share a secret key# Examples: ElGamal, RSA, Elliptic curve techniques, PGP, SSH etc.

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