How to Setup Jekyll based website

Website or Blog on Jekyll ? It's awesome, user friendly, clean & easy to use.

  • Download latest ruby installer for windows - rubyinstaller-2.4.2-2-x64.ex
  • Run the application executable & install in C:\Ruby24-x64
  • Now we will update ruby with gems required for jekyll
  • Open command prompt & navigate to installation directory of ruby - C:\Ruby24-x64\bin.Make sure you are connected to Internet as below commands download required gems from gems repository.
  • Run the following commands to update gems
gem install jekyll bundler
  • create a new jekyll site as
jekyll  new mynewsite
  • Bundle newly created website
cd mynewsite
bundle exec jekyll  serve
  • You can access – http://localhost:4000
  • 4000 is default port but site can be mapped to another port as –
bundle exec jekyll serve --port 4001

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