In literal terms, word INTERVIEW means interaction of views across the table.

You will never be hired if your knowledge is less than or more than required.

Despite being in the field from more than a decade or two, we trend to crack under the strain. Despite going through various motivational notes, videos and sites, still we fail to maintain composure when about to face an interview.

In my working span, I have come across more than 500 people and was astounded to see the gap between the PRACTICE PLAYERS and THE MATCH PLAYERS. On one hand,our humble Practice players always end up in some serious interview mistakes – including blanking out, blurting, babbling, sweating, and fidgeting and on the other hand, All our insolent match players hold all the aces on their sleeves and present themselves way beyond their capability and cook someone’s goose.

I think what makes more complex is the idea of getting being scrutinize by someone else about my appearance, mannerisms, what I say, and how I articulate myself.

Be your Self Guide , simply Divert & Divulge the concept to your comfortable topics. Be Self Guru with aesthetic control so that you prove them to be their Cash cow and Voila , be surprised because you hit a home run!!!