architectures · design-patterns

Singleton Mis-Behaviour

less than 1 minute read

Blog - Java Pathshala Yes Singleton can cat as a spoil spot. It can do mischief Read More ›

core-java · collections

Array Lists

1 minute read

A Growable Friend Read More ›


Immutable Classes

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To create an immutable class following steps should be followed:" Read More ›


Tools For Out of Memory Search!

1 minute read

Blog - Java Pathshala Select tools on thier merits Read More ›

core-java · concurrency

Intrinsic Locks - Synchronization

1 minute read

Every object has a natural lock associated with it known as an intrinsic lock.A thread that needs to access object's fields has to acquire the object's intrinsic lock, use it & then release the intrinsic lock when it's done with them. During the time thread hold the lock, no other thread can acquire the same lock. Read More ›