core-java · concurrency

Concurrent Hash Map

less than 1 minute read

Superior brother of HashMap Read More ›

core-java · concurrency

Thread States

less than 1 minute read

Different moods of threads Read More ›


Interface Vs Abstract Class

1 minute read

Co-Brothers with different nature. Read More ›

architectures · designs

Domain Driven Design

less than 1 minute read

Blog - Java Pathshala Domain-driven way of building software should appeal to everyone – after all that software is being built for the benefit of that domain, not for the benefit of architects, developers or QAs. Read More ›


Call REST Web Service using Shell Script

less than 1 minute read

Yes ! It's true. You can invoke or consume or call a Web Service from inside a Linux/Unix shell script. This is same as doing from java or php or .net client. Actually most simple to call or invoke a web service is through shell scripting. Read More ›