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Microservices Features
Application as a set of loosely coupled Read More ›

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
Encryption at its BEST ! Read More ›

Spring Boot Micro-Service - SOAP
Yes, I read right , you can use spring boot to create SOAP base services. Actually you can expose the service implementation both as REST & SOAP. It just need a small tweak to your existing REST service. This small tweak will enable existig REST service to be exposed as SOAP services as well. Read More ›

Message Signing
Sign your Message with your signatures !. Message signing binds the identity of the message source to this message, authenticating that you have yourself assured the authenticity of the message Read More ›

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu Machine!
How to Install Docker on Ubuntu Machine Read More ›

ELK Stack!
ELK Stack Rocks - Is the acronym for three open source projects: Read More ›

Difference Between Forward & Reverse Proxy
Two co-brothers doing different works. Both doing opposite works Read More ›

Install Jenkins on Red Hat Linux
This post describes how to install Jenkins & supporting plugins to a Linux (Red Hat) system. Follow the below steps in sequence Read More ›

Web Application -How to Map IP to DNS for Testing
This post describes how to host a web application with domain name but only on team access (not for outside world - you need to buy a domain name for that). Read More ›

How to Setup Jekyll based website
Website or Blog on Jekyll ? It's awesome, user friendly, clean & easy to use. Read More ›

Get All Constraints from database
Queries mentioned below are useful in getting knowledge about all constraints in a database. This is usefull in cases where you have huge database & thus tables Read More ›

Liskov Substitution Principle
Derived classes must be substitutable for their base classes. Read More ›

Static Class Vs SingleTon Pattern
WoW ! Both have their own usage but still investigation is required - which one to use ? Read More ›

Layer Wise Design Patterns
Layered archietctures allows to use different design patterns at different layers. This post descttibes a taxonomy of design pattrens that could/should be used in each layer of architecture. Read More ›

Chain of Responsibilty
Actually bad habit. Throw your Responsibilty to others. Is what this pattern says - NO :). - The Chain of Responsibility is known as a behavioural pattern, as it's used to manage algorithms, relationships and responsibilities between objects. Complete java exception framework is built on *chain of responsibilities* Read More ›

Issues With Caching
Caching can encounter challenges that include, for example, the problem of cache warm-up, where cache needs to be loaded with enough active data to reduce cache misses and allow it to start improving I/O response times. Read More ›

Eviction policy
A cache eviction policy is an algorithm according to which an existing element is removed from a cache when a new element is added. The eviction policy is applied to ensure that the size of the cache does not exceed a maximum size. Read More ›

Dependency Inversion Principle
The ability to supply (inject) an external dependency into a software component. It's simply HOLLOYWOOD Law : Don’t call us, we’ll call you! Read More ›

Prototype Pattern
Allows making new instances by copying an existing instance ! Cheap Objects Read More ›

Define JNDI Name in Tomcat
Define JNDI name to enble database connection via tomcat configurations Read More ›

Secure some web pages
Secure your limited web pages by pushing them behind SSL. Read More ›

Web Application with Embedded Tomcat... Run as Jar
this post describes a process of running Web application through Jar File. Yes you heard right Read More ›

Design Principles
Design principles are the substance of architecture. It’s architect sincere liability to respect the design principles while designing an application of any size or complexity. Design principles are the backbone & inspiration behind all existing design patterns. Read More ›

TimeZone Aware Tomcat!
Run Tomcat with timezone of your choice Read More ›

Enable & Run Tomcat as HTTPS
Enable Tomcat Application server in https mode i.e access your application as https://{appname} rather than http://{appname} Read More ›

Tomcat SSL Handshake
Requirement is to restrict application deployed in tomcat container to access all public certificates & make SSL handshake with only organisation provided certificate. Read More ›

Message Digest - Hashing
Form of cryptographic security but different from Encryption Read More ›

Message Authentication Code - MAC
Symmetric - Asymmetric Keys
Secrecy at its BEST ! Read More ›

Defensive Copies
The simplest way to avoid problems with concurrency is to share only immutable data between threads. Immutable data is data which cannot changed Read More ›

Serial Version UID
Serial Version UID is declared in java classes in relation to java object serialization & de-serialization process" Read More ›

Atomic Operations!
An atomic operation is an operation which is performed as a single unit of work without the possibility of interference from other operations. Read More ›

Maven - Package as Jar
Maven script can help to package your application as JAR bundle. That's great ! But if you need to have dependencies jars package into a same jar so that you execute jar. Yes MAVEN plugins surely helps us ! Read More ›

Spring Design Patterns
Design Patterns are used every where, be it any framework. Spring framework uses many Java design patterns - Singleton, Factory , MVC & many more Read More ›

Java API Design Patterns
Design Patterns are used every where, be it any framework. Java API itself uses its own design patterns - Singleton, Factory , Command, Observer & many more Read More ›

CCXML Applications
It consists of a collection of CCXML documents that control and manage objects Read More ›

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language.Provides Telephony Call Control support for dialog systems like VXML. Read More ›

Single Responsibility
A class should have one & only one reason for change. Responsibility here is reason for change. If there are two reasons for a change in a class, then there is a need to split class functionality into two. Read More ›

Amdahl’s Law
Digital Certificates
Form of cryptographic security but different from Encryption Read More ›

Thread Locals
Another way to achieve thread-safety apart from writing immutable classes Read More ›

Null Pointer Exception – Blasphemy!
Treat Java as Human. He can accept & comprise on any type of exceptions but “NULL POINTER EXCEPITON” is a SIN. Read More ›

Cap Theorem
Fundamentals of CAP Theorem Read More ›

Out of Memory - HELL :(
Out of Memory Error - OME Read More ›

Anemic Domain Model
Model where business logic is implemented outside the domain objects. Read More ›

Concurrent Hash Map
Superior brother of HashMap Read More ›

Thread States
Different moods of threads Read More ›

Interface Vs Abstract Class
Co-Brothers with different nature. Read More ›

Domain Driven Design
Domain-driven way of building software should appeal to everyone – after all that software is being built for the benefit of that domain, not for the benefit of architects, developers or QAs. Read More ›

Call REST Web Service using Shell Script
Yes ! It's true. You can invoke or consume or call a Web Service from inside a Linux/Unix shell script. This is same as doing from java or php or .net client. Actually most simple to call or invoke a web service is through shell scripting. Read More ›

Singleton Mis-Behaviour
Yes Singleton can cat as a spoil spot. It can do mischief Read More ›

Array Lists
A Growable Friend Read More ›

Immutable Classes
To create an immutable class following steps should be followed:" Read More ›

Tools For Out of Memory Search!
Select tools on thier merits Read More ›

Intrinsic Locks - Synchronization
Every object has a natural lock associated with it known as an intrinsic lock.A thread that needs to access object's fields has to acquire the object's intrinsic lock, use it & then release the intrinsic lock when it's done with them. During the time thread hold the lock, no other thread can acquire the same lock. Read More ›

Both implementation are good in thier own sense. Choose as per business senerioas Read More ›

Web Services Features
Prime features of Web Services. Read More ›

Web Services Types
There are 3 types of Web-services types or you can say transport mechanism. It is very important to know the differences as this will help architects to decide implementation techniques. Read More ›

Eclipse Performance Improvement
Basic performance tweak is to install the latest eclipse from site. To have rocket speed eclipse based development environment, tweak your eclipse IDE installation. Eclipse installation contains an excellent intelligent file that can take care of Eclipse performance famously known as eclipse.ini. Read More ›