About Java Pathshala

Wisdom Being Shared....

A traditional Sanskrit word for a seat of learning of which Literal meaning is school was generally associated with the shade of trees in open fields. There were no walls, no classrooms, no formal structures, but children gathered to listen to wise folk. Learning in India through the ages had been prized and pursued not for its own sake, if we may so put it, but for the sake, and as a part, of religion. (It was sought as the means of self-realization, as the means to the highest end of life viz. Mukti or Emancipation).

Ancient Indian education is also to be understood as being ultimately the outcome of the Indian theory of knowledge as part of the corresponding scheme of life and values. The scheme takes full account of the fact that Life includes Death and the two form the whole truth. This gives a particular angle of vision, a sense of perspective and proportion in which the material and the moral, the physical and spiritual, the perishable and permanent interests and values of life are clearly defined and strictly differentiated.