Get All Constraints from database

less than 1 minute read

Queries mentioned below are useful in getting knowledge about all constraints in a database. This is usefull in cases where you have huge database & thus tables Read More ›

Liskov Substitution Principle

less than 1 minute read

Derived classes must be substitutable for their base classes. Read More ›

Static Class Vs SingleTon Pattern

less than 1 minute read

WoW ! Both have their own usage but still investigation is required - which one to use ? Read More ›

Layer Wise Design Patterns

1 minute read

Layered archietctures allows to use different design patterns at different layers. This post descttibes a taxonomy of design pattrens that could/should be used in each layer of architecture. Read More ›

Chain of Responsibilty

2 minute read

Actually bad habit. Throw your Responsibilty to others. Is what this pattern says - NO :). - The Chain of Responsibility is known as a behavioural pattern, as it's used to manage algorithms, relationships and responsibilities between objects. Complete java exception framework is built on *chain of responsibilities* Read More ›

Issues With Caching

less than 1 minute read

Caching can encounter challenges that include, for example, the problem of cache warm-up, where cache needs to be loaded with enough active data to reduce cache misses and allow it to start improving I/O response times. Read More ›

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