2 minute read

First-In First-Out Friend Read More ›

Microservices Features

1 minute read

Application as a set of loosely coupled Read More ›

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard

1 minute read

Encryption at its BEST ! Read More ›

Spring Boot Micro-Service - SOAP

1 minute read

Yes, I read right , you can use spring boot to create SOAP base services. Actually you can expose the service implementation both as REST & SOAP. It just need a small tweak to your existing REST service. This small tweak will enable existig REST service to be exposed as SOAP services as well. Read More ›

Message Signing

1 minute read

Sign your Message with your signatures !. Message signing binds the identity of the message source to this message, authenticating that you have yourself assured the authenticity of the message Read More ›

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu Machine!

less than 1 minute read

How to Install Docker on Ubuntu Machine Read More ›

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